A new interactive tourguide
for families.

Featuring intuitive maps and multimedia stories, telling kids about places in a fun way.

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No more guidebook tomes or reams of brochures and pamphlets for only adults to read. We get everyone involved!

Plan your trip in advance.

Learn about places when you're there.

Discover interactive elements throughout.

Download CarSafari Killarney!

The Team

Paula Kelleher

Paula lives in the picturesque Southwest of Ireland with her husband and co-founder of CarSafari, James, and their daughter and son.

She trained as an Architect and Urban Designer, and has skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Her appreciation of both the built and natural environments, and knowledge of location-based services technology, drives her passion for delivering great content about places to families wherever they are.


James Mannix

James developed the CarSafari concept with Paula in 2013, after completing a course in Innovation Management.

He has a background in construction and project management which contributes to his pragmatic approach to the functionality and delivery of projects.

He also has experience in tour-guiding and understands the value of storytelling, amongst other methods, to engage with visitors.


Our Partners

Doodlemoose Designs
Olivia Howe
Story Editor
Paul McGrath | Mobanode
App Design
Avalanche Designs
Website Design


If you want to help us achieve our mission of creating engaging cultural experiences for families, then we'd love to hear from you!

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